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Red Fox Run is a high energy and emotionally earnest rock band based out of Denver, Colorado. Their sound was born in lonely mountain towns and bible belt swamplands. Adolescence burned away all but the core - maturity, honesty, and pure grit. Known for their emotionally evocative and electric live shows, they continually aim to challenge their artistic excellence. Their songwriting  speaks of pain, loss, and the hope to transcend the shortcomings of life.

They have emerged from Denver’s burgeoning alt-rock scene as one of this year’s fastest risers. Red Fox Run adds a bit of expressive and dirty modern rock into the hipster-indie mix to create a radio-friendly sound that has appeal across genre lines and is attracting a fan base to match.
— Tim Wenger, Matador Network
This band is a balance between the unbridled creativity we expect from an indie rock band, and the potential for mass appeal that bohemoth labels hope for.
— Josh Johnson,
Red Fox Run plays bright, fresh-faced pop-rock songs that manage to avoid coming off as either cheeky or overly earnest — the kind of music, evidently, that makes Barry Fey glad he’s no longer in the music business.
— Tom Murphy, Westword